About us
The Antique art gallery is located in the heart of the French Riviera, in the picturesque semi-peninsula Cap Ferrat, which has the fame of the quietest and the most fashionable resort of the Cote d’Azur. These places for holidaymakers were discovered in the beginning of the 20th century by the Belgian king Leopold II, who had built a luxurious villa for his beloved woman Caroline Lacroix. Not surprisingly, as every person who finds himself around the rocks sharply descending towards the sea shining under the sun, sandy beaches, a dark- green line of Mediterranean pines and eucalyptus trees and gorgeous mansions with marvelous gardens and parks hidden among them. Due to the unbelievable beauty of the surrounding nature many famous people like to spend their time in this location. Among them were Friedrich Nietzsche, Winston Churchill, Herbert George Wells, Duke of Windsor and Jean Cocteau, Édith Piaf, Charlie Chaplin, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Tony Curtis, Marc Chagall. The beautiful scenery suits perfectly the breathtaking objects of art represented in the art gallery.

In 2022, a group of shareholders, collectors and lovers of contemporary art opened their gallery space founding the Antique art gallery which has assembled around 100 objects of antique art of 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The gallery also represents a diverse range of contemporary artists and estates from around the world. This unique art area, supervised by the Gallery manager Maria Osman, also aims at cultural programming and events with artists, including performances, exhibition tours and public talks. This approach promotes highlighting the role played by the gallery in the cultural life of the French Riviera. Bringing together artists and professional experts in the field of artists’ estates provides efficient functioning of the gallery. This unique and admirable aspect of the founders’ vision reflects the people’s actual demands in this art sphere. By all accounts, it is an undeniably important addition to the art discourse.

The Antique art gallery houses exceptional antique items which long for pleasing a new owner. The special place in the gallery’s collection is occupied by Flora Danica, one of the most prestigious and exclusive porcelain sets in the world. The collection Flora Danica is having been produced since 1790, the Golden era of porcelain. More than 3000 botanical illustrations were painted by hand on the set according to the Big Botanical Encyclopedia. Remarkable accuracy, elegant thin lines and the porcelain of the highest quality make each item a real treasure. Every item from Flora Danica collection represents the history of the Royal family and you can feel a part of history in your hands.

One more extraordinary item from the antique collection is a sculpture The Greek Slave by Tadolini signed and dated 1869. Tadolini created The Greek Slave in several sizes with the figure’s hand either raised to her chest or to her chin. The small number of versions which have recently been offered on the art market all demonstrate the sculptor’s careful attention to the human form and overriding fascination with exoticism, most especially through the tumbling folds of the present figure's headdress and the finely articulated jewelry wrapped around her arms. This theme, according to the laws amongst the collectors of the epoch, would doubtlessly have appealed to members of the international elite and may explain its enduring and international popularity.

Other items from the Antique art gallery collection you can find in the Catalogue. Each object of art represented in the Catalogue can become an original gift, a source of vivid emotions and a stylish accent in the interior of its owner.
If you’re looking to add original art to your collection, you’ll be rewarded in the end even if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for. You will typically find one of them present to discuss a new acquisition, give a tour of a current exhibition and answer questions.

We will consider any reasonable offer. We invite you to call + 33 (0) 4 93 55 34 49 or email: contact@galexc.fr us if you have any questions or comments about individual items or collecting.
You can be assured that you will obtain the most satisfaction and value from our art gallery.