The currently existing personal data privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) works with the following concepts:

"Administration of the website of the Internet resource (hereinafter referred to as the Website Administration)". This is the name of the specialists representing the interests of the organization, whose duties include managing the site, that is, organizing and (or) processing the personal data received on it. To fulfill these responsibilities, they must clearly understand why the information is being processed, what information should be processed, what actions (operations) should be performed with the information received.
"Personal data" means information that is directly or indirectly related to a specific or identifiable individual (also called the subject of personal data).
"Processing of personal data" — any operation (action) or a set of such that the Administration performs with personal data. They can be collected, recorded, systematized, accumulated, stored, refined (updated or modified if necessary), extracted, used, transmitted (distributed, provided, accessed), depersonalized, blocked, deleted, and even destroyed. These operations (actions) can be performed both automatically and manually.

"Confidentiality of personal data" is a mandatory requirement imposed on the Operator or other official working with User data to keep the information received secret, without revealing it to outsiders, if the User who provided personal data has not expressed his consent, and there is also no legal basis for disclosure.
"User of the Internet Resource website" (hereinafter referred to as the User)" is a person who has visited the website of the Internet resource, as well as using its programs and products.
"Cookies" is a short piece of data sent by a web browser or web client to a web server in an HTTP request, whenever a User tries to open a page of an Internet resource. The fragment is stored on the User's computer.
"IP address" is a unique network address of a node in a computer network built using the TCP/IP protocol.
Viewing the website of the Internet resource, as well as using its programs and products imply automatic consent to the Privacy Policy adopted there, which implies the provision of personal data by the User for processing.
If the User does not accept the existing Privacy Policy, the User must leave the Internet resource.
The existing Privacy Policy applies only to the website of the Internet resource. If the User uses the links posted on the latter's website to access the resources of third parties, the Internet resource is not responsible for his actions.

Verifying the accuracy of the personal data that the User who has accepted the Privacy Policy has decided to report is not the responsibility of the site Administration.